APC Schneider Conext CL36 String Inverter

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APC Schneider Conext CL36 String Inverter

APC Schneider Conext CL36 String Inverter System

Schneider Electric is the trusted source for efficient energy solutions to keep big businesses up and running.

When Power Solution is essential for industry Automation, Data Centres, Edge, Buildings and Grid, then think Schneider APC.

Also, Parallel installations with custom Switchgear or 3rd party bypass panel require the Symmetra 3rd party Kit for breaker Monitoring and EPO functionality.

In emphasis, Symmetra provides Max short time withstand current of 50kA, Maximum configurable power in 500000W

And due to its high scalability, it is compatible with SYBFXR8S APC Symmetra PX250/500kW Battery Enclosure.

Above all, Schneider Inverters are essential for power management in buildings and industries as stand-alone or with solar panels.

Lastly, UPSs can be installed in parallel for ultra-efficient system redundancy or up to 2MW of power protection.

With Harmonic distortion: Less than 2%

The best Efficiency: 96% (in battery operation)

Maximum configurable power in VA: 500000VA

Warranty: 1-year on-site repair or replace with factory authorized Start-Up



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APC Schneider Conext CL36 String Inverter