Emperor EMP-1120 Handheld Passport Counter Price

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Emperor EMP-1120 Handheld Passport Counter Price




Firstly, the Emperor Desktop Card Counter accurately counts up to 36,000 credit, debit, ATM, gift, loyalty or access control cards per hour.

Also, Emperor Card Counter is popular across multiple industries including banking, Card manufacturers, metros, and other Card management centres globally.

Equally, the Emperor Card printing is used in Mass Transit, Tolls, Government, Banking, Education, Hospitality, Logistics, Retail and Manufacturing.

Additionally, its compact size and manageable weight make it a fantastic option where space is a premium.

Comparatively, the Emperor Card Counters ensure Standard Counting, where Cards and tickets are fed through a highly sensitive electronic gate for accurate counting and stored in a digital analysis circuit for count per stack of Cards.

Emphatically, Emperor Card Counters are operator-friendly, fast and accurate even on dirty and damaged Cards and tickets.

Start or stop counting at any time and clear the counting display by counting non-transparent Cards and tickets.


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Emperor EMP-1120 Handheld Passport Counter Price

5,048,3795,957,087 (-15%)

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