P49038-B21 HPE 7.68TB SAS 24G LFF SCC Multi Vendor SSD

P49038-B21 HPE 7.68TB SAS 24G LFF SCC Multi Vendor SSD

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P49038-B21 HPE 7.68TB SAS 24G Read Intensive LFF SCC Multi Vendor SSD

Key Features of P49038-B21 HPE 7.68TB SAS

High Performance, Exceptional Reliability, and Efficiency for Faster Business Results

HPE 12Gb SAS Read Intensive (RI) SSDs are ideal for read caching, social media, web servers and boot/swap.

Achieve high IOPS and lower latency to enhance the performance of your data center.

Maintain data accuracy with full data-path error detection and surprise power loss protection.

Choose from a broad portfolio of enhanced solutions in a wide variety of capacities.

HPE 24Gb Enabled SAS SSDs are Capable of 2x the Performance of 12Gb SAS SSDs.

Next Generation of SAS interface, based on the SAS-4 specification.

HPE 24Gb Enterprise SAS capability relies on a complete ecosystem enablement requiring a 24G SAS controller and updated server infrastructure which is set to launch in 2021.

HPE 24Gb Enterprise SAS SSDs are compatible with 12Gb Enterprise SAS ecosystem.


Lifetime Writes 14,016

Endurance DWPD (Drive Writes Per Day) 1

Read IOPS (4KiB, Q=16)= 145,000 Max Random Read IOPS (4KiB)= 155,[email protected]

Write IOPS (4KiB, Q=16)= 140,000 Max Random Write IOPS (4KiB)=140,[email protected]

Power (Watts) 17.29

Plug Type Hot Pluggable

Height 15mm

Platform Supported HPE ProLiant Rack/Tower/BladeSystem Servers/Synergy


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