Poly-Polycom RMX-Add-In IBM-Lotus Video-Conference

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Poly-Polycom RMX-Add-In IBM-Lotus Video-Conference


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Firstly, Poly is the leader in video-Conference and voice solutions with the EagleEye-IV Camera, Voicemail/IP-Phone-Systems, SoundStructure, Web-Conference Appliance

Also, the Polycom sounstation is a Conference phone for medium-sized rooms while the Poly-Studio is for Large Zoom-Rooms and Microsoft-Teams.

Explicitly, the Polycom HD Voice technology ensures that all voices are captured and reproduced in very high quality. Callers are just as easy to understand as if they were physically present in the room. The Polycom Sound Station is available in three versions.

Equally, Poly-Polycom RealPresence Trio Collaboration-Kits outfits your office and personal space with the gear needed to look and sound best.

However,  if you run the X50 in Teams Mode, swipe your TC8 and activate “Device Mode”. At this moment you will be asked to connect a notebook via HDMI and Usb because this is the best practice.

Comparatively, learn how our technology can help your organization unleash the power of team collaboration ahead of other brands.

In all, with Polycom calendar integration you have a simplified workflow and amazing video, audio and screen-sharing experience with one touch to start or join your Zoom meeting.


Above all, if you need help choosing an ideal Solution, please Chat with a Specialist.

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Best Buy Price Poly-Polycom RMX-Add-In IBM-Lotus Video-Conference

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Poly-Polycom RMX-Add-In IBM-Lotus Video-Conference

1,050,0001,113,000 (-6%)

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