Ubiquiti UniFi USG-PRO-4 Security Gateway Router

Ubiquiti UniFi USG-PRO-4 Security Gateway Router

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Ubiquiti UniFi USG-PRO-4 Security Gateway Router 1 Gigabit Ethernet, Dual-Core, 1G

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Ubiquiti Unify Switches

Firstly, all Ubiquiti UniFi Pro and Enterprise Switches have Layer-3 switching features, inter-VLAN routing, static routing, and DHCP.

Also, the switch can be monitored and configured from anywhere with the intuitive UniFi Network web and mobile app.


Ubiquiti Unifi Security Camera

Moreover, the UniFi Camera G4 PTZ is a superior surveillance camera for shopping centres, parking lots, airports, and train stations.

Similarly, the 22x Optical Zoom Instantly focuses on distant objects and subtle movements with a powerful optical zoom lens.


Ubiquiti Gateway Routing

Above all, the Ubiquiti Dual-WAN security gateway is designed to protect medium to large-sized networks with enterprise-class firewall and threat management features.


Ubiquiti Desktop Smartphone

Most importantly, the Ubiquiti Touch Max Desktop Smartphone is an enterprise-grade, high-resolution HD colour touchscreen Smartphone with audio codec, app selection and volume control.


Ubiquiti Access Control System

Lastly, UniFi Access Starter Kit Access Control System is compatible with most Electric Bolts, Strikes and Magnetic Locks


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