IOmega StorCenter IX2-200 2TB 2HDX1TB Cloud


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IOmega StorCenter IX2-200 2TB 2HDX1TB Cloud

Best Buy IOmega StorCenter IX2-200 2TB 2HDX1TB Cloud

Firstly, The IOmega StorCenter Network Storage is a high-performance business-class Desktop device, ideal for small-to-medium-sized businesses.

Powered by EMC storage technology including a diskless option, the StorCenter is easy to setup, manage and affordable to own.

Similarly, the IOmega StorCenter provides cross-platform file sharing and simultaneous iSCSI block access for enterprise locations and remote offices.

In addition, Backup all the computers on your Network simply by downloading and installing the available client backup software.

Cloud Disaster Recovery:

Also, utilize two IOmega StoreCentre devices with Personal Cloud function in different locations to create your own disaster recovery scheme.

Native Security support with robust username and password authorized access. Create additional users and secure their content with password protection.

In other words, the easy-to-use interface provides no-hassle management of User Quotas by setting maximum limits per user.

Most importantly, IOmega supports Business Class Network Storage, Enhanced Data Protection, Active Directory, Remote Content Sharing and Personal Cloud


Best of all, there are never any usage fees or subscription charges, therefore delivering the best value for Cloud access and protection.


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IOmega StorCenter IX2-200 2TB 2HDX1TB Cloud


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