Kobra 270 TS S5 Heavy-Duty P2 Strip Cut Shredder

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Kobra 270 TS S5 Heavy-Duty P2 Strip Cut Shredder


Firstly, Kobra Shredders and Degaussers is the world leader in total data erasure and hard drive destruction. Utilize our Industry-leading Degaussers to erase and destroy hard drives, tapes and SSDs.

Also, explore our full range of High-Security Hard-Drive Degaussers and destroyers to ensure 100% data erasure with magnetic erasure technology.

Equally, Industrial Shredders are designed for shredding large volumes of material in your warehouse or shredding thousands of documents monthly.

These Media Degaussers are specialist machines that are designed to permanently erase and destroy all stored information on magnetic media, such as hard drives, tapes, photocopies and printers.

Emphatically, our Industry-leading Deceit Shredders are available with finance options for all industrial shredder options. Our latest SSD and Flash media shredder allows you to safely and securely shred your data to microparticles every time.

Comparatively, with our Industry-leading Data Destruction Auditor / Report Writer, you can provide history & audit trail information to ensure secure and complete data erasure.


In conclusion, if you need help choosing an ideal Solution, please Chat with a Specialist.

Finally, for bulk discounts, installation, support, warranty and maintenance service, please contact;


CrownCrystal Tech Ltd



[email protected]


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Best Price Kobra 270 TS S5 Heavy-Duty P2 Strip Cut Shredder

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Kobra 270 TS S5 Heavy-Duty P2 Strip Cut Shredder

2,001,600.002,161,728.00 (-7%)

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