Mercury Maverick UPS 1550VA

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Mercury Maverick UPS 1550VA

Best Buy Mercury Maverick UPS 1550VA

Mercury UPS brand is one of the leading and long-standing UPS names in the Nigerian market. Made by Kobian Ltd of Singapore,
Mercury uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is well-established as a reliable brand of UPS.

Kobian manufactures the Mercury brand of computer components and peripherals, life style products and various consumer goods,
but is best known for its Mercury brand of UPS and the Radiant Inverter range.

Mercury UPS competes with UPS brands like Blue Gate, offering reliable performance without costing like the APCs, Legrands, Eatons, etc. Hence, Mercury UPS offers performance at reasonable cost, meaning great value for money.

The Mercury portfolio includes line interactive UPS models, Inverters as well as Online UPS. Mercury UPS capacities range from as low as 650Va up to 200KVA. Popular Mercury UPS models include;

Mecury Elite and Online UPS

650VA Pro UPS – Line interactive UPS1000VA Pro UPS – Line interactive UPS
1200VA Pro UPS – Line interactive UPS
1500VA Pro UPS – Line interactive UPS
2000VA Pro UPS – Line interactive UPS
3000VA UPS – Line Interactive UPS
3kva Online UPS , Single Phase HP930C-S
6kva Online UPS , Single Phase HP960C-S
10kva Online UPS , Single Phase HP9110C-S
10kVA 9kW Online UPS 3-Phase in – 3-Phase Out
EP20K 20kVA / 18kW On-Line UPS 3-Phase in – 3-Phase Out, 384VDC
EP30K 30kVA / 24kW On-Line UPS 3-Phase in – 3-Phase Out, 384VDC

For discounts, bulk orders, warranty and support services on Mecury UPS and Inverter, please contact the Best Mecury Expert Partner Distributor in Nigeria:

CrownCrystal Axallon.



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Mercury Maverick UPS 1550VA